Ramon Quitales

var name string = "Ramon Quitales"

I'm a software engineer passionate about cloud infrastructure, application modernization, containerization and Go.

Currently working at Google on Google Cloud Anthos.



A simple in-memory key-value database implemented in Go for investigative purposes

  • Supports basic CRUD operations
  • Nested transactions and rollbacks
  • Lightweight library with CLI implementation
Withings HealthMate Go SDK

Withings HealthMate Go SDK

Unofficial Withings Health Mate API SDK for Go.

  • Supports end user authentication OAuth2 flow
  • Supports multiple fitness tracking devices (2019 and below), with plans to implement more devices


An interactive online curve fitting application for the deconvolution of multi-peaked experimental data using non-linear optimization. Formerly known as peakfitting.com.

  • Multiple models for curve fitting (Gaussian, Lorentzian, Voigt etc)
  • Interactive drag and draw GUI for creating starting guesses
  • Underlying R package (peakfitting) can be used in programactic non-interactive R analyses

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